Law Firm Andrzej Drania

stands for brand and prestige that is well entrenched on the tri - city' market. For a group of highly skilled lawyers it took over 25 years to acquire the level of competency it is now so well known for.

Law Firm Andrzej Drania is located in Gdynia and employs 8 lawyers. Experience gained while providing legal services to a variety of entrepreneurs as well as sole traders and private customers enablesto provide legal assistance in every branch of law and in each of it's aspects. While performing commissioned tasks, the Law Firm uses the knowledge and experience of statutory auditors and sworn translators with whom it constantly cooperates.

Continuous evolution of regulations in need of unification state legislation with the legislation of European Community renders into rapid impetuous economic development whereas compenetration of various branches of law results in further complication of cases that lawyers undertake. All this, coerces lawyers to change from their traditional role.

Law Firm Andrzej Drania

managed to adjust to the new reality and changing needs of our Clients. Scope of services that are traditionally provided by the law firms was broadened by the variety of additional services, especially consulting, collective bargaining, mediation, negotiations.

Because of the broad specialization of each of the lawyers employed in the Law Firm it became possible to create flexible team, that is able to adapt to the high demands of our Clients. The team that is able to offer versatile view on any given - even the most complicated - case. Now, the scope of services that are provide by the Law Firm is limited only by certain requirements and conditions of a particular case.

Legal aid is provided in English, Russian and French.