Civil law, including real estate sales, law of succession, law of family relations.

Important factor in defining Andrzej Drania's Law Firm profile, are those cases that regard widely taken civil law. In this spectrum, employed lawyers undertake various legal assignments including matters of obligations, property law, law of succession as well as law of family relations. On behalf of the Clients, they negotiate various contracts and check their validity especially if none illicit clauses were implemented. On request, a certain legal opinion may be prepared and within certain requirements and conditions of a particular case, employed lawyers may undertake to participate in mediation processes. In every case, provided legal service involves legal representation.

Within it's scope of operation, Law Firm Andrzej Drania aids it's Clients with professional advise in matters that concern property law including life usufruct and other titles of ownership. Provided services include assistance in gaining possession or transfer of property as well as analysis of tax matters.

Andrzej Drania's Law Firm is fully aware of the fact how delicate are the matters of proceedings in cases that regard law of family relations and law of succession so this cases are handled with an extra care. Yet in no way does it influence the professional attitude of lawyers who undertake them. Within these proceedings, Law Firm takes actions in order to secure and properly conduct stating the declaration concerning acceptance or disclaimer of inheritance, proceedings of contestance somebody's legacy, matters of responsibility for testator's debts as well as others that may be brought up during the proceeding and influence it's result.

Among the family relation's law, dominant are cases concerning the divorce which Law Firm is very successful at conducting. Also Law Firm Andrzej Drania conducts proceedings about granting maintenance and alimony, diverse of joint property of spouses, marital administration, guardianship of a minor and other.