Company law, including creating, converting, incorporating and division of companies as well as bankruptcy law.

Company law and all of the processes that happen on it's grounds are one of the major fields of operation for Law Firm Andrzej Drania and this is where it has been most successful, gaining still growing group of Clients, both from small and major entrepreneurs.

Law Firm Andrzej Drania employs high class specialists that advise their Clients within the scope of all possible legal activities that result from merging, organization and functioning of companies. Law Firm provides services at preparing deeds of association, promotion of a company, bringing and appraisal of the contributions,, processes of raising or lowering the company's stock, liquidation and other processes linked to the functioning of a company

Under certain circumstances Law Firm Andrzej Drania makes it's offices accessible for General Meetings and employed lawyers will gladly agree to host them or act as a mediator in disputes that might occur between shareholders or shareholders and third persons.

Scope of traditionally provided services is even wider when it comes joint stock companies. In these cases, provided services involve processes of issuing and acquiring shares as well as, for Law Firm Andrzej Drania is fully qualified to undertake this task, introducing the company onto the stock exchange market.

Law Firm Andrzej Drania advises it's Clients in transformation processes of their companies ( converting, incorporating ). In this spectrum, Law Firm offers it's services on both, the conceptual level which involves choosing the most advantageous way of transformation as well as the calculation of costs including analysis of tax and legal issues and practical services which involve creating plan of transformation and governing it's proper course.


Within the provided services, Law Firm Andrzej Drania conducts bankruptcy proceedings as well.