Criminal law, especially economic offences.

Andrzej Drania's Law Firm scope of operation involves legal representation in proceedings regarding criminal offences and acting on behalf of the Client as a defendant, auxiliary prosecutor or claimant in criminal proceeding.

Employed lawyers have vast experience in acting as a counsel for defence in each stadium of a proceeding .

Law Firm's scope of operation is determined by conducting criminal proceedings that concern commiting economic offences or other proceedings that were instituted in connection with economic activity of a Client. Particularly, these cases apply to participation of a Client in commercial companies, creating and liquidation of a company, all processes orientated on rising or lowering capital and other cases linked with economic activity where criminal responsibility might arise.

Since many of the Law Firm's Clients perform their economic activity on the field of building services, highly developed area in Law Firm's specialization, are proceedings held on a grounds of construction law, including planning, building, maintaining and demolishing of buildings.
In the above mentioned range of operation Law Firm Andrzej Drania achieved many successes, that helped to build the name and reputation it is now so well known for.