Land management, including retrieving properties lost because of compulsory purchase order.

When World War II started a lot of properties located onto the territory of Poland were lost by their rightful owners due to the circumstances that were completely independent of their will. Some of the properties were retrieved and some - for different reasons - were not. Often documents that stated one's law, but sometimes it was even the sole knowledge of the ownership that was lost.

The post War period was not too favourable for retrieving lost properties or filing the claims. The Treasury benefited from this situation and by regulations that were included in three acts issued by the President of Poland: decree about the assets lost and post - German, decree about the agricultural reform and the act about the nationalization of an industry, the Treasury gained ownership of many of these lost properties.

Fortunately, former owners are not completely deprived of a chances to retrieve their estates. Law Firm Andrzej Drania in co - operation with law advisor Leszek Pachulski who is an acknowledged expert in retrieving properties lost because of compulsory purchase order, specializes in re - establishing their Clients into the laws that are rightfully theirs.

Law Firm Andrzej Drania has successfully conducted a lot of cases where a verdict adjudging to Client a property he was unlawfully expropriated from was sentenced. In some cases a just compensation was paid instead of retrieving the property.
Also, the professional legal aid is provided in cases of diversification, merging, pre - emption and expropriation of properties.