Public orders, including public - private partnership.

Public - private partnership is a new value when it comes to big investments in public sector. It helps to activate local government within the scope of public investments allowing them to reduce the costs by reducing it's contribution. Owing to that, spectrum of tasks that community is enrolled in, can be broadened, allowing simultaneous conduction of a few investments. Main benefit for private entrepreneur that comes from public - private partnership is also the reduction of costs, exemplified by tax reductions and the possibility to gain profits from the completed enterprise.

Law Firm Andrzej Drania participates on every level of preparing the agreement about public - private partnership by negotiating the most advantageous terms for their Clients. Before the agreement is signed, Law Firm performs a complex analysis of legal and taxation issues of planned enterprise which allows to appraise the risk as well as the planned profits.

Law Firm Andrzej Drania provides legal services as an advisor in biddings including preparing of an offer that matches the specification of an order. Law Firm also conducts proceedings connected with the bidding especially the proceedings regarding breach of an order's regulations.